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Ad with us

Do you have a Stardoll blog, website, agency, magazine etc that you'd like to advertise? Complete the application below and post it in the comments! (We do accept Cover Girl Ads and other Stardoll Comp. Ads)

Ads will be located below posts.
Ads in spoilers cost 15sd for superstars or 150 starcoins for non ss
Ads in other posts cost 8sd for superstars or 80 starcoins for non ss

If you'd like your add to be in the middle of the post there is a fee,

Ads in spoilers will cost 20sd for superstars or 200 starcoins for non ss
Ads in other posts cost 10sd for superstars or 100 starcoins for non ss

Stardoll Username:
Are you ss or non ss?
What you want to advertise:
If you want to advertise a website what is the link:
Would you like your ad below the post or in the middle? (please not it costs extra for in the middle)
What would you like your ad to say? (no longer than 1000 letters)
Do you want a picture?, if copy the link here: (you can upload at websites like imigur)

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